Water Safety 

Many people enjoy the warm tropical weather which we are fortunate to have living here in Southwest Florida.  With these warm temperatures, many families plan activities and gatherings around the pool, especially during the summer months.  Gully Pools and Spas wants you to know that there are many other ways to practice pool safety aside from having adult supervision or a life preserver.  

After you have applied your sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, there is still one more thing to check before you dive in.  Is your water clean and ready for you to swim?  Keeping your pool water balanced is very important.

Test the waterwater safety

  • Make sure the free chlorine level never falls below 1 parts per million (ppm).  The main sanitizer for your pool is the chlorine.  You may need more chlorine if there are more people in the pool.
  • When dealing with pool chemicals, make sure to read and follow the directions closely.  Accurate dosing of pool chemicals is important for swimming comfort.
  • Balanced pool water is important.  Testing your pool water should be at the top of your list prior to swimming, especially if you use your pool often.  This is important whether you have a salt chlorine generator or if you use traditional chlorine.

Facts about Saltwater Pools

  • Saltwater pools are chlorine pools.  In a saltwater pool instead of adding chlorine to the pool directly, the chlorine is produced by a salt chlorine generator.  
  • Saltwater pools are still sanitized by chlorine.
  • Saltwater pools and traditional chlorine pools use the same amount of chlorine for maintenance.
  • Saltwater pools still need the same amount of maintenance and needs to be checked and balanced on a regular basis.

Tips for keeping your water balanced

  • Test water frequently
  • Test water at the same time of the day
  • If the water doesn’t look good, it is probably out of balance
  • If your eyes are burning the pH or alkalinity is probably off, not the chlorine level
  • balancedpoolIdeal water balance

                    • Chlorine 3-6 ppm
                    • pH  7.2-7.8
                    • Alkalinity  100-120

  • Don’t forget to clean your filter
  • Call Gully Pool Service with any questions  (239) 334-8501

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